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Our practice specializes in owner-operated retail, manufacturing and service businesses. We bring over 20 years of specific experience to help with your payroll, bookkeeping, taxes and business services.

Tax Preparation

We prepare all required tax returns to assure that you are paying no more taxes than necessary. While serving as your advisor where taxes are concerned, we are always on the lookout for changing tax laws that could be cost effective for you. We review and reconcile with a skillful eye toward accuracy and tax savings. We discuss tax elections which may have a dramatic impact on current and future tax years. Our "in depth" processes generally save tax dollars and may prevent problems down the road.


We design record keeping and accounting systems to fit your business and personal financial affairs. We also prepare other financial records and reports, including reports to state and federal agencies We produce usable financial reports for successful business management. We can even handle billing, bill paying, and other business service needs. We custom fit your services to your exact, and exacting, requirements.


Avoid the headaches and penalty hassles by outsourcing the whole job to us. We can prepare your paychecks, make your depositaries, and deliver timely prepared tax forms.